About us

We are the Datahelden,

Datahelden.com gathers professionals who think one step ahead, who believe in data to be the only stable factor in organisations and who understand that their drive will make a big impact at their customers.

They make Datahelden.com to be a platform for sharing both experiences and expertise. The Datahelden chase new technology and implement this into new solutions.
Datahelden focusses on Strategy & Architecture, Data Management, Core & Agile BI, Reporting & Visualisation, Big Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence Service Center and Business Intelligence in both On premise, Cloud and Hybrid environments.

As we are a software vendor independent party, we do primarily focus on Microsoft and Informatica as proven technology.
The Datahelden improve their selves and others by constantly learning, sharing their thoughts and reflecting on feedback.

Our added value is expertise blended with business experience powered by intrinsic motivation.

We are the Datahelden.

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